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Dr. Arthur Mikaelian, becomes Quanta's Chief Science Officer and is named to the Board of Directors

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Quanta, Inc. (OTC: QNTA), an applied science company focused on enhancing energy levels in plant matter, including hemp and cannabis, to increase performance within the human body, announced today that Dr. Arthur Mikaelian, founder of the patented polarization technology utilized by Quanta, has officially become the companies' Chief Science Officer. 

Dr. Arthur Mikaelian will be focused on leading Quanta's science team in further enhancing the quality of all Quanta products by increasing the bioactivity of all ingredients used in Quanta formulations. Dr. Arthur Mikaelian will also have a key role in the development of products to help combat common ailments in the fields of; sleep disorder, cognitive function, sexual performance, tumor reduction, and many more.

Dr. Mikaelian commented saying, "My goal is to make this a company that provides evidence-based alternative wellness products." He continued to say, "Rather than being based on positive testimonials, we will be backed by evidence and science. To my knowledge, we are currently the only company that can alter the molecular activity in cannabinoids, giving them a new and distinguishable quality."

With Dr. Mikaelian joining in a full-time capacity, Quanta becomes a company rooted in research-based proof. When asked why Dr. Mikaelian ultimately decided to join Quanta as Chief Science Officer, he stated, "My scientific approach is to create a scientific breach between alternative and conventional medicine. Quanta gives me a fantastic platform to create products that are made naturally without synthetics and are truly impactful. This aligns perfectly with my personal vision."   

About Quanta
Quanta, Inc., an applied science company, focused on enhancing energy levels in plant matter (including cannabis) to increase performance within the human body. Its proprietary technology uses quantum mechanics to increase the bio-activity of targeted molecules to enhance the desired effects. The Company specializes in potentiating rare naturally occurring elements to create impactful and sustainable healing solutions that are as powerful and predictable as pharmaceutical drugs. Quanta offers its technology as a platform to product makers through distribution channels, as well as consumer products. The Company serves brands in cannabis, anti-aging, health and wellness, stress management, pain management, fitness, and brain performance enhancement. Quanta's lead product, CBD Muscle Rub, is an all-natural topical that consists of 13 natural elements including turmeric, arnica and polarized cannabidiol (CBD), designed to provide relief from pain, inflammation, and stiffness in muscles and joints. The Company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit and review Quanta's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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